Blowout Blocker Value Pack


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VALUE PACK Blowout Blocker

Stop diaper blowouts before they get messy!
Fits 13″ – 18″ waist/hips
Recommended for newborns to age 9 months

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Product Description

Soft, absorbent and reusable, this Blowout Blocker acts as a diaper extension to contain diaper blowouts for fast, easy and stress free cleanup. Stay protected from blowouts while at home and on the go. Perfect for airplane trips, car rides, trips to the store, special events, picture day or every day!

Blowout Blockers have a smooth stay-dry, 100% polyester inner layer to pull moisture away from baby’s skin and into the absorbent soaker layer. A soft, water resistant 100% polyester outer layer locks moisture in. The materials are soft and stretchy to fit baby comfortably!

Made in the USA!

Additional Information


1. Place the Blowout Blocker around the back overlapping the diaper, with the waistband low around the hips.

2. Wrap the waistband of the Blowout Blocker low around the hips and belly to secure in place.

3. Press the tab fastener firmly onto the diaper (tab to be used with disposable diapers only). The Blowout Blocker should be snug but comfortable (2 fingers fitting comfortably in the waistband).

* For best coverage a onesie should be worn over top of the Blowout Blocker to prevent tugging on the product.



• To prevent snagging, fasted all Hook and Loop while not in use and while washing.

• Machine wash on warm with a neutral detergent. Tumble dry low. No bleach, fabric softeners or additives.


Fits 13″- 18″ Waist/Hips

2 reviews for VALUE PACK Blowout Blocker

  1. 5 out of 5


    I first saw your product on the dragons Den and thought, OMG! What a great idea!!!! Then while at a local sale I saw the product first hand. My two girls were too old to benefit from this amazing invention but i quickly picked some up for Baby Shower Gifts. What mom Doesn’t NEED this product? As recently having had a baby Boy I now get to finally use this product for my own kid! So wish I had this with my first two as it would have saved many outfits and many shirts of my own!!! Thank you so much for making such an amazing product and for saving a lot of stress and mess in my life!! Your great!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    We got these blockers as a gift, and we can’t imagine going out without them. My husband won’t even leave the house without our baby in a blowout blocker.

    Up the back poops happen often when our baby is in her car seat and when she’s in her baby carrier. I love wearing my baby, but our carrier is spot clean only so these blockers not only save her clothes when up the back poops happen, they also save the carrier.

    The blockers have saved us from having to change her clothes when blowouts happen, especially while we are travelling. They were indispensable while we were on flights, and while traveling in Asia, where change tables are hard to come by. The blockers bought us time to find somewhere to change our baby when she had a poop – we didn’t have to worry about it soaking through her clothes.

    We’ve even had to wash a dirty blocker in the airport washroom before boarding a flight. The material does exactly what it was designed to do – catch the poop, and stop it from soaking through to her clothes. I used a toothbrush and hand soap to scrub the poop off the blocker, then did a final wash with more hand soap. After rinsing with water a few times, I dried it using the hand drier in the washroom. It was good as new!

    We are buying blowout blockers for all of our pregnant friends!!

    PS: I also found out about this product on Dragon’s Den 🙂

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