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Leg Blowout Blocker White

Stop leg leaks before they get messy!
Fits size 1 diaper and up.
Sold in 1 set of 2, one for each leg!
*Only WHITE available at this time*

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Product Description

The Leg Blowout Blocker fits right inside the leg gussets of a disposable diaper to catch any leaks that might occur. Stay protected from leg blowouts while at home and on the go. Perfect for airplane trips, car rides, trips to the store, special events, picture day or every day!

Leg Blowout Blockers have a smooth stay-dry, 100% polyester inner layer to pull moisture away from baby’s skin and into the absorbent soaker layer. A soft, water resistant 100% polyester outer layer locks moisture in. The materials are soft and flexible to fit baby comfortably!

Made in the USA!

Additional Information


1. Place the Blowout Blocker around the back overlapping the diaper, with the waistband low around the hips.

2. Wrap the waistband of the Blowout Blocker low around the hips and belly to secure in place.



• To prevent snagging, fasted all Hook and Loop while not in use and while washing.

• Machine wash on warm with a neutral detergent. Tumble dry low. No bleach, fabric softeners or additives.


One size fits all


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