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Here are some of our very cute Flower print Blockers that have been discontinued. We have found a new way to manufacture the Blowout Blocker so these Blockers are slightly different than the new design but will do the job just as well!

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• Diaper your baby with a standard diaper.
• Place the inside, smooth white material of the Blocker against the back of your baby.
• Wrap the waistband of the Blocker over top the waistband of the existing diaper, securing it into place around the hips. To ensure that it does not slip, the Blocker should be snug, but comfortable (you should be able to fit 2 fingers comfortably in the waistband).
• For best coverage a onesie should be worn over top of the Blocker to keep it snug up against the back of your baby.


• Wash before first use.
• To prevent snagging, keep Hook and Loop fastened while not in use and while washing.
• Machine wash on warm or hot with your choice of detergent. Tumble dry. No bleach, fabric softeners or additives.


Waist/Hips 13 -18 in

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I LOVE this! Not only is it cute, but it does the job perfectly. My 4 month old daughter has a lot of blowouts. We were going through 3-5 outfits a day. Now she usually makes it through the day in the same clothes we put her in that morning. Yay!

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