Avoiding Diaper Blowouts With Any Brand of Diaper!


Avoiding diaper blowouts!? I don’t think that’s even possible. But, if you can’t beat them, catch them! All babies come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why some mothers swear by Huggies and others by Pampers. It just depends on how the diaper fits your little one. This creates a problem when it comes to avoiding diaper blowouts, because there is no one size fits all solution when choosing a diaper brand. However, there is now a diaper blowout solution for any brand of diaper you use, the Blowout Blocker! BB Gemma

The Blowout Blocker acts as an extension to any diaper. The mess is contained for fast, easy and stress free cleanup! Even if you can’t avoid diaper blowouts, you can avoid the mess they create!

Check out the Blowout Blocker at www.melzybaby.com/blowout-blocker.