Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout! We've got your solution!


Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout! Whatever you want to call it, it is a DISASTER!  Poop, what could be worse than a poopy diaper blowout mess?  The next worse thing I can think of is a throw up mess, but I think poop is still worse.  A baby diaper blowout, YUCK!  And for some reason these baby blowouts usually happen at the worst possible time; traveling, at the store, at church and away from the conveniences of home.

Aren’t you so glad that you no longer have to deal with the worst mess your baby can make?

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Save yourself time, money, and STRESS with the Blowout Blocker. Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout. Whatever you want to call it, there is now a solution!

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Baby Projectile Poop!


Baby Projectile Poop!  What in the world is that!  If the mental picture isn’t enough, this Website BB Home Pagephenomenon also goes by the name  Baby Diaper Blowout!  Most mothers know this phenomenon well.  However, if you are one that did not have to deal with this issue, count yourself lucky!  I dealt with this issue often with my 3 babies, hence my quest for a solution to the mess it leaves behind, pun intended!  Baby projectile poop is the worst disaster I can think of when dealing with babies.  Throw up is a close second, but nothing is worse than the diaper blowout, POOP, yuck!

No need to worry about this disaster any longer! Checkout the solution to those projectile poops at!  We’ve got your back (and your baby’s)!



Diaper blowout problems? I've got your diaper blowout solution!


The Baby Blowout Blocker is the solution to those dreaded up-the-back diaper blowouts!

Most babies between 0-6 months of age (some even longer) go through what parents call the, “Blowout Stage“, this is the time when a few things are happening;

1. Your baby’s digestive tract is still developing so they can experience explosive gas that shoots that poo right out and up (it defies gravity, truly amazing).

2. If your baby is strictly breast fed they will absorb so much of their food that they will only poop every 2-3 days, resulting in a diaper “blowout (on that third day you better put a Blocker on that baby!).

3. Sometimes the sheer volume of poo proves to much to handle for those diapers and it leaks out (at this point only the Blocker can contain it).

The BlowOut Blocker is comfortable enough to use everyday if need be. Some babies do need daily protection, like my first son who blew-out 3 times in one day, and I know this is not uncommon. Most babies are prone to blowouts when they are in their car seat, a perfect position for diaper leakage, so parents would definitely want to use the Baby Blowout Blocker while traveling. Not to mention that a blowout mess is especially inconvenient while away from the house. With my second child I sometimes wouldn’t leave the house, fearful that my baby would blowout creating a great deal of stress and a terrible mess that I would have to try to clean up in a public restroom, YUCK! The security of knowing that the Blocker is there to contain the mess is such a relief to parents, especially while traveling, attending special events, or while the baby is wearing special clothing. Thankfully we now have the Baby Blowout Blocker so  all you parents out there no longer have to worry about the dreaded up-the-back diaper blowout.