Blowout Blocker catching a diaper blowout!


Here it is people! The Blowout Blocker catching a diaper blowout!  If you want to see the Blowout Blocker in action please proceed.  I had forgotten about these pictures until recently, and I just had to show you!  This is my sweet baby when he was 3 months old, at the prime blowout stage. He is way too cute to make such a mess, but he did!  He was sitting on his daddy’s lap when he had this diaper blowout, so needless to say daddy was EXTREMELY happy that his son was wearing a Blowout Blocker.  My husband was so happy that he took these pictures with his phone to document it.Pic 1 500

Pic 2 500Pic 3 500Onesie was saved and no need of a bath or change of clothes!  Isn’t that exciting!?  I love happy diaper blowout stories.  You are welcome, honey!

Diaper blowout protection while traveling with a baby!


When do the most dreaded diaper blowouts occur? WHILE TRAVELING!  Traveling is the most inopportune time to have a diaper blowout. It’s like they know right when we sit down on an airplane or start our long trip in the car, their little bodies just let it all out. With the Blowout Blocker there is no need to worry about these inopportune blowouts! If you have a baby and are traveling for Spring Break the Blowout Blocker is a must have. Even if your little one doesn’t have a diaper blowout it is worth04- 9 month Icon baby Clea copy it just to have the peace of mind. You all remember my great diaper blowout story right? I was traveling home for the holidays and my 2 month old started pushing after we had been seated on the plane for just 2 minutes, no exaggeration. Now, I had a Blowout Blocker on him of course so I was actually cheering him on. As soon as he was done I looked in anticipation to see if the Blowout Blocker had done it’s job, and of course it did! It was so easy to clean up and I was smiling the whole time. It was a proud moment.  That was a stress free flight thanks to the Blowout Blocker, without it, it would have been a disaster! If you don’t want to be caught with the daunting task of cleaning up a poopy baby while traveling, then order a Blowout Blocker today and avoid any unnecessary stressful, “code brown” situations. You have enough to worry about this while traveling, don’t let a diaper blowout slow you down!

Diaper blowout coverage with any size or brand of diaper!


Big, small, fat or skinny the BlowOut Blocker will protect you from those up the back diaper blowouts every time. Haven’t you ever wondered why some mothers swear by one brand of diaper yet another swears by a different brand? Every baby has their own unique cute little baby shape, so each brand of diaper is going to fit that sweet little baby differently. Unfortunately it may take some time to find out what brand fits your baby the best, and that may change over time, however, if you have the protection of the BlowOut Blocker you will be covered no matter what. This holds true for disposables and cloth. I have talked to many cloth diaper users who say cloth doesn’t allow for diaper blowouts, however, I have also talked to many that say they do have leakage problems with their cloth diapers. We all know that disposables can’t stop the diaper blowout. Again no matter what your preference is as long as you have a BlowOut Blocker you are protected from those dreaded diaper blowouts!

With the Baby BlowOut Blocker there's no more diaper blowout stress or mess!


All parents who have had to deal with a diaper blowout while away from the house know how stressful, hard and time consuming it is to clean up. Search the internet and you’ll find a list of ways to deal with poopy diaper blowouts.  Suggestions include avoiding white clothing, taking an extra change of clothes, perhaps for baby AND for you, and making sure your diaper bag is chuck full of extra diapers.  All of these preventative measures are no longer required.  Now, all you need is a Baby Blowout BlockerDiaper your baby as usual, then place the Baby Blowout Blocker over the waistband of your regular diaper and snug your baby up in a colorful, soft protector that will relieve you form the worries of a diaper blowout.  As long as you have a Baby Blowout Blocker, you can dress up in your gorgeous gown and baby can wear a white suit without worry.1

Go ahead, take your baby out for a night on the town (or just a trip to the store)! With the Baby Blowout Blocker there’s no more stress and no more mess!