Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout! We've got your solution!


Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout! Whatever you want to call it, it is a DISASTER!  Poop, what could be worse than a poopy diaper blowout mess?  The next worse thing I can think of is a throw up mess, but I think poop is still worse.  A baby diaper blowout, YUCK!  And for some reason these baby blowouts usually happen at the worst possible time; traveling, at the store, at church and away from the conveniences of home.

Aren’t you so glad that you no longer have to deal with the worst mess your baby can make?

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Save yourself time, money, and STRESS with the Blowout Blocker. Baby Blowout, Diaper Blowout, Baby Diaper Blowout. Whatever you want to call it, there is now a solution!

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The Blowout Blocker is a Must Have for Traveling with a baby!


Is anyone traveling with a baby this Holiday season?! The Blowout Blocker is a Must Have for traveling with a baby in the blowoutIMG_1109 stage!

Traveling with babies is hard enough, let alone having to deal with a disastrous diaper blowout while on the road, in the air and away from the conveniences of home. I remember putting a small changing pad up the back and under the clothes of my babies when we would fly to Grandmas house for the Holidays. There was no way I was going to have poo leaking all over me and my baby while we were in mid flight. Enter, the Blowout Blocker!!!!

These stressful traveling situations were the reason I first created the Blowout Blocker, and I am thrilled to be able to offer this relief to parents today! You Must Have the Blowout Blocker if you are traveling with a baby this year. Get them today at!

Blowout Blocker catching a diaper blowout!


Here it is people! The Blowout Blocker catching a diaper blowout!  If you want to see the Blowout Blocker in action please proceed.  I had forgotten about these pictures until recently, and I just had to show you!  This is my sweet baby when he was 3 months old, at the prime blowout stage. He is way too cute to make such a mess, but he did!  He was sitting on his daddy’s lap when he had this diaper blowout, so needless to say daddy was EXTREMELY happy that his son was wearing a Blowout Blocker.  My husband was so happy that he took these pictures with his phone to document it.Pic 1 500

Pic 2 500Pic 3 500Onesie was saved and no need of a bath or change of clothes!  Isn’t that exciting!?  I love happy diaper blowout stories.  You are welcome, honey!

Blindsided by a Diaper Blowout!


I was totally blindsided by a diaper blowout this weekend and got a little reminder of how HORRIBLE they are!  My youngest is now 22 months and has been out of the diaper blowout stage for a while now.  However, this weekend he ate something that did not agree with his digestive track.  I was so not prepared for anything even cMalc Sitlose to a blowout when we left the house to go to IKEA.  We were having so much fun eating our IKEA dinner when my husband went to get my son out of his highchair and I noticed a wet spot on the back of his shorts.  I prayed that he had spilled his drink and it was water, but I had seen that kind of spot before and knew it was not. As my husband bent down to smell if the worst had happened it became clear that it had when he said, “I think it’s a blowout!”.

I took my little guy from the arms of my husband and held him in such a way as to not touch his butt or back because I did not yet know what damage had been done.  When I got to the bathroom and laid my son on the changing table (which made his cry because he hates those things) I was scared to see how far this blowout had gone.  As I lifted his legs I could see a little out the legs, and … OH MAN, UP THE BACK TOO!  And you know, 22 month old poo is not the same as newborn poo.  What was I going to do?  It just so happened that my other 2 sons had eaten the ribs for dinner and they had left only 2 wet wipes in the container for me to use, which might have taken care of one butt cheek.  This is where I discover another reason why I love IKEA.  They have complementary diapers, wipes and covers!!!!

Now was the task of cleanup!  I won’t go into details (there are way too many, and way too disgusting) but it was all over the place, I mean all over my son, the changing table, his clothes.  I threw out his onese (which I was so grateful I had put on him that day), and did my best with the leakage on his shorts.  In the end I had used half the bag of complimentary wipes and took a handful of covers for where ever I had to put him down.

Now I know this was an out of the blue diaper blowout, but oh how I wished he had had a Blowout Blocker on!  Clean up would have been much different, easy, fast and stress free!

Baby Projectile Poop!


Baby Projectile Poop!  What in the world is that!  If the mental picture isn’t enough, this Website BB Home Pagephenomenon also goes by the name  Baby Diaper Blowout!  Most mothers know this phenomenon well.  However, if you are one that did not have to deal with this issue, count yourself lucky!  I dealt with this issue often with my 3 babies, hence my quest for a solution to the mess it leaves behind, pun intended!  Baby projectile poop is the worst disaster I can think of when dealing with babies.  Throw up is a close second, but nothing is worse than the diaper blowout, POOP, yuck!

No need to worry about this disaster any longer! Checkout the solution to those projectile poops at!  We’ve got your back (and your baby’s)!



Diaper blowout coverage with any size or brand of diaper!


Big, small, fat or skinny the BlowOut Blocker will protect you from those up the back diaper blowouts every time. Haven’t you ever wondered why some mothers swear by one brand of diaper yet another swears by a different brand? Every baby has their own unique cute little baby shape, so each brand of diaper is going to fit that sweet little baby differently. Unfortunately it may take some time to find out what brand fits your baby the best, and that may change over time, however, if you have the protection of the BlowOut Blocker you will be covered no matter what. This holds true for disposables and cloth. I have talked to many cloth diaper users who say cloth doesn’t allow for diaper blowouts, however, I have also talked to many that say they do have leakage problems with their cloth diapers. We all know that disposables can’t stop the diaper blowout. Again no matter what your preference is as long as you have a BlowOut Blocker you are protected from those dreaded diaper blowouts!

Oh, diaper blowout stories


Oh, diaper blowout stories, most every parent has one, or 10! Let me tell you one of the diaper blowout stories that inspired my creation of the Baby Blowout Blocker. Before I had children I went shopping with my sister in law and her 4 month old baby girl. While we were enjoying our day out, her little baby blew out while she was sitting in her car seat. The poo was everywhere, all over my niece’s clothes and the car seat cover. Now, when you’ve got a situation like that you can’t panic, you just have to do what you can to survive. SO, my sister in law took her baby into the bathroom where she attempted to clean up the explosion. 20 minutes later she appeared, baby only in a diaper and the car seat a MESS! She had to get a shopping bag to cover the car seat and buy a new outfit for her baby. I didn’t have any children at the time so I was like, “this really happens”? It was quite eye opening. 2

Then when I had my babies I had the opportunity to experience the diaper blowout for myself. When my babies were in the blowout stage I wouldn’t leave the house because I lived in fear of the blowout mess. My worst story was with my first child, who blew out while we were at dinner with my family. My blood pressure skyrocketed when I saw the dreaded mess, the poo was everywhere, on the booth seats, my baby’s clothes and shoes, there was no escape. I took him into the bathroom and attempted to clean him up without ruining everyone’s appetite in the restaurant. My baby was screaming while I wiped him down with wet paper towels and wet wipes, so a lady came over and started stroking his face because she thought that would calm him down. No, that only angered the stressed out mother, a stranger’s hands all over my baby’s face, not that’s gross! We left the bathroom with my jacket rapped around my baby’s body.

Now, I am so sad (not really) to put a stop to these great (and not so great) diaper blowout stories, but I hope you will forgive me. I would love to hear any of your diaper blowout stories!





With the Baby BlowOut Blocker there's no more diaper blowout stress or mess!


All parents who have had to deal with a diaper blowout while away from the house know how stressful, hard and time consuming it is to clean up. Search the internet and you’ll find a list of ways to deal with poopy diaper blowouts.  Suggestions include avoiding white clothing, taking an extra change of clothes, perhaps for baby AND for you, and making sure your diaper bag is chuck full of extra diapers.  All of these preventative measures are no longer required.  Now, all you need is a Baby Blowout BlockerDiaper your baby as usual, then place the Baby Blowout Blocker over the waistband of your regular diaper and snug your baby up in a colorful, soft protector that will relieve you form the worries of a diaper blowout.  As long as you have a Baby Blowout Blocker, you can dress up in your gorgeous gown and baby can wear a white suit without worry.1

Go ahead, take your baby out for a night on the town (or just a trip to the store)! With the Baby Blowout Blocker there’s no more stress and no more mess!

Diaper blowout problems? I've got your diaper blowout solution!


The Baby Blowout Blocker is the solution to those dreaded up-the-back diaper blowouts!

Most babies between 0-6 months of age (some even longer) go through what parents call the, “Blowout Stage“, this is the time when a few things are happening;

1. Your baby’s digestive tract is still developing so they can experience explosive gas that shoots that poo right out and up (it defies gravity, truly amazing).

2. If your baby is strictly breast fed they will absorb so much of their food that they will only poop every 2-3 days, resulting in a diaper “blowout (on that third day you better put a Blocker on that baby!).

3. Sometimes the sheer volume of poo proves to much to handle for those diapers and it leaks out (at this point only the Blocker can contain it).

The BlowOut Blocker is comfortable enough to use everyday if need be. Some babies do need daily protection, like my first son who blew-out 3 times in one day, and I know this is not uncommon. Most babies are prone to blowouts when they are in their car seat, a perfect position for diaper leakage, so parents would definitely want to use the Baby Blowout Blocker while traveling. Not to mention that a blowout mess is especially inconvenient while away from the house. With my second child I sometimes wouldn’t leave the house, fearful that my baby would blowout creating a great deal of stress and a terrible mess that I would have to try to clean up in a public restroom, YUCK! The security of knowing that the Blocker is there to contain the mess is such a relief to parents, especially while traveling, attending special events, or while the baby is wearing special clothing. Thankfully we now have the Baby Blowout Blocker so  all you parents out there no longer have to worry about the dreaded up-the-back diaper blowout.