Diaper Leak Protection for Special Needs!


Diaper Leak Protection for Special Needs!  We love to make hard situations a bit easier for families with special needs children. We continue to get requests for Super Soaker Stoppers (a Soaker Stopper with double the absorbency) and custom made products from those who are dealing with an ostomy. Hear what one mommy who’s child has an ostomy is saying about the Soaker Stopper.

“The 2 pictures on the left are before we discovered Melzy baby. My son was not able to go without a onesie on cause he would tear open his stoma and we’d see blood. ( a hole where his bladder was raised to directly drain out of) To top that off, as you can see just a diaper doesn’t cut it when you pee from your belly cause the picture where he’s wet in the front happens about 5 times a day after sometimes 15 min. In a fresh diaper. Then you see him in his soaker stopper and we have been dry all day! He woke up from his nap dry. We went shopping all day and didn’t need to bring extra clothes! It’s been making a hard situation for us so much better!” – Danielle St Amand-Butler


We are thrilled to be offering diaper leak protection for special needs children!

Soaker Stoppers are recommended for children 1 – 24 months and fits a 14” – 20” waist. If you are in need of a bigger or smaller, custom made Soaker Stopper or Blowout Blocker please email us at custom@melzybaby.com.