If Your Diaper Leaks Out the Back, We've Got the Solution!


If Your Diaper Leaks Out the Back, We’ve Got the Solution!

Instead of fighting those frustrating diaper leaks, catch them! The Blowout Blocker contains those messy diaper leaks up the back that ruin so many of baby’s outfits and mommy’s outings. No matter what diaper brand you use you can be protected from up-the-back diaper blowouts time and time again.

BB GemmaGet your Blowout Blockers at www.melzybaby.com and be protected from those diaper leaks out the back!

Diaper Leak Problems? We've got your diaper leak solution!


Diaper Leak Problems? We’ve got your diaper leak solution!

One of the most frustrating issues I faced as a mother were nighttime diaper leaks!  My little ones were finally consistently sleeping through the night, but then diaper leaks would wake them up in the middle of the night.  I was not okay with this!  Their clothes and bedding were soaked, requiring a complete change.

I thought that there must be a solution to these diaper leak issues but I could not find one. Even the nighttime diapers didn’t work for my little boys. That is why I created the Soaker Stopper to catch those nighttime diaper leaks!

Slider SS4Put a stop to your nighttime diaper leak problems with the diaper leak solution, the Soaker Stopper!

Melzy Baby products fight diaper leaks!


WOW, it has been way too long!  There have been so many changes to our company, our name for one, Melzy Baby!  What do you think?  I hope you like it!  Melzy Baby products fight diaper leaks!

We have also come out with our second product the Soaker Stopper! (I know I use way to many “!”)  As you can see the Soaker Stopper catches those nighttime diaper leaks that escape from the tummy and soak your baby and bedding. But no more!  The Soaker Stopper Soaker Stopper Standingputs an end to those middle of the night wake up calls from a soaking wet baby.  I for one am very grateful, my 18 month old has been wearing one every night since he was 12 months old.  He has diaper leaks at least every other night.  How did I live without the Soaker Stopper with my first 2?  Really, it has been a life saver for me, I know it will for you too.

We have also found great new fabrics to suit the Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper better. Check out the website to read more about these fabrics, www.melzybaby.com.  These fabrics are very soft, flexible and stretchy to keep baby comfortable. I love them!


The Front Blocker with Urine Leakage Protection - Coming Soon!


Front Blocker

The Front Blocker is designed to be used in the front of your baby, covering the belly to catch any urine leakage from your baby’s diaper. The design of the Front Blocker is the same as the Baby Blowout Blocker except that it has a larger waistband to fit babies up to and over a year old, and the soaker is a more absorbent material made to absorb liquid. I actually first used the Baby Blowout Blocker in this way with my second child when he started leaking at night, thus inspiring the Front Blocker. My little one was waking up in the middle of the night, 2-3 times a week, completely covered in urine and in need of a complete change of clothes and bedding. Then I would give him a complete wipe down and try to get him back to bed quickly, which was quite a challenge. I was washing his bedding almost every other day and I was TIRED OF IT! The Front Blocker saved me from those 2am wake up calls and from doing unnecessary laundry, two things all mothers would be grateful for!

The Front Blocker is ready for production we are just working out the marketing end of it all. I am trying to get it on the website soon. You may go ahead and use the original Baby Blowout Blocker in the front if it fits your baby’s waist, between 13-18 inches. To keep it in place you will want to secure it as low on the hips as you can. As always if you have any questions please let me know!




Diaper blowout problems? I've got your diaper blowout solution!


The Baby Blowout Blocker is the solution to those dreaded up-the-back diaper blowouts!

Most babies between 0-6 months of age (some even longer) go through what parents call the, “Blowout Stage“, this is the time when a few things are happening;

1. Your baby’s digestive tract is still developing so they can experience explosive gas that shoots that poo right out and up (it defies gravity, truly amazing).

2. If your baby is strictly breast fed they will absorb so much of their food that they will only poop every 2-3 days, resulting in a diaper “blowout (on that third day you better put a Blocker on that baby!).

3. Sometimes the sheer volume of poo proves to much to handle for those diapers and it leaks out (at this point only the Blocker can contain it).

The BlowOut Blocker is comfortable enough to use everyday if need be. Some babies do need daily protection, like my first son who blew-out 3 times in one day, and I know this is not uncommon. Most babies are prone to blowouts when they are in their car seat, a perfect position for diaper leakage, so parents would definitely want to use the Baby Blowout Blocker while traveling. Not to mention that a blowout mess is especially inconvenient while away from the house. With my second child I sometimes wouldn’t leave the house, fearful that my baby would blowout creating a great deal of stress and a terrible mess that I would have to try to clean up in a public restroom, YUCK! The security of knowing that the Blocker is there to contain the mess is such a relief to parents, especially while traveling, attending special events, or while the baby is wearing special clothing. Thankfully we now have the Baby Blowout Blocker so  all you parents out there no longer have to worry about the dreaded up-the-back diaper blowout.