Nighttime leaky diapers? We've got your solution!


Nighttime leaky diapers? We’ve got your solution! If you have a child who is sleeping through the night, more than likely you have experienced nighttime diaper leaks. Sometimes it’s the fit of the diaper and sometimes it’s just too much for that diaper to handle.

My second child used to leak most nights waking up at 2 am completely soaked, poor thing. I would have to change his clothes, bedding and then wipe him down, all things I don’t want to be doing at 2 in the morning. I got so tired of it that I would go change his diaper before I went to bed, crossing my fingers that he wouldn’t wake up. However, that didn’t guarantee no leaks, so I thought up my own solution. The Soaker Stopper! You may also call it the Leak Stopper, Leak Protector, or as I call it, the 2 am Life Saver!

soakers-slider new 2The Soaker Stopper will assist those nighttime leaky diapers so you and your baby can sleep like a baby!
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Diaper Leak Problems? We've got your diaper leak solution!


Diaper Leak Problems? We’ve got your diaper leak solution!

One of the most frustrating issues I faced as a mother were nighttime diaper leaks!  My little ones were finally consistently sleeping through the night, but then diaper leaks would wake them up in the middle of the night.  I was not okay with this!  Their clothes and bedding were soaked, requiring a complete change.

I thought that there must be a solution to these diaper leak issues but I could not find one. Even the nighttime diapers didn’t work for my little boys. That is why I created the Soaker Stopper to catch those nighttime diaper leaks!

Slider SS4Put a stop to your nighttime diaper leak problems with the diaper leak solution, the Soaker Stopper!

Melzy Baby products fight diaper leaks!


WOW, it has been way too long!  There have been so many changes to our company, our name for one, Melzy Baby!  What do you think?  I hope you like it!  Melzy Baby products fight diaper leaks!

We have also come out with our second product the Soaker Stopper! (I know I use way to many “!”)  As you can see the Soaker Stopper catches those nighttime diaper leaks that escape from the tummy and soak your baby and bedding. But no more!  The Soaker Stopper Soaker Stopper Standingputs an end to those middle of the night wake up calls from a soaking wet baby.  I for one am very grateful, my 18 month old has been wearing one every night since he was 12 months old.  He has diaper leaks at least every other night.  How did I live without the Soaker Stopper with my first 2?  Really, it has been a life saver for me, I know it will for you too.

We have also found great new fabrics to suit the Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper better. Check out the website to read more about these fabrics,  These fabrics are very soft, flexible and stretchy to keep baby comfortable. I love them!