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“These things literally saved me!!! I have just now stopped using them (for the most part) with my 9 month old…her blow outs were a nightmare and I was having anxiety to take her out which was quite difficult since we have 2 older boys. I was washing her car seat daily and the last straw was when she had a blow out on me at Disneyland and I literally had to scrub my pants and wear them wet with my jacket only since my shirt was covered…lol! She did the same thing to my mom at the hospital when my brother and sister in law were having their baby. Thank goodness there was a mall across the street because we had to buy my mom an entire new outfit!!!

Thank you so much for your “invention”…I don’t know what we would’ve done without it!!!”

– Ladera Ranch, California

“I Love It!!! The Blowout Blocker is brilliant. I need to order more cause 1 is not enough! It stayed in place perfectly, contained all the waste. It washed great and came out spotless. I really love it and think you did a fabulous job. I would love to be your spokes-woman!” 😉

– Layton, Utah

“I love my Blowout Blocker. If I know I am going to be running errands, I just put it on my baby, and I know I won’t have to clean up a big mess while I’m out. It has saved so many of my daughter’s outfits. I would recommend these little babies to anyone.”

– South Jordan, Utah

“We traveled on a plane this holiday, so I was grateful to have the security of the Blowout Blocker. My baby had not experienced a blowout yet, but he was due for one so I was sure to have him protected. You wouldn’t believe it, we sat down on the plane and 2 minutes later he starts pushing. Now, I was excited because I knew I was protected, so as soon as he was done I couldn’t wait to see if the Blowout Blocker had done it’s job. YES, it did! I was smiling the whole time I was changing his diaper (with no disastrous mess). I was traveling by myself with 3 little boys, so if I had not had the Blocker it would have been a stressful, messy disaster. The Blocker saved us again and again throughout the trip, one time while he was sitting on my husband’s lap, so my husband was very grateful for the Blocker then. On the way home my baby, again, started pushing as soon as we got on the plane (It’s like he knows). He didn’t blowout but I was so grateful that I didn’t have to worry about him blowing out. I love the Blowout Blocker!”

– Sandy, Utah

“I purchased this item in hopes to stop having to toss out my onesies, and I LOVE these blockers. Not only are the patterns adorable, but they are soft for babies skin, and do exactly what they are designed for. They wash easy too! The fit was good and stayed in place all day. I would recommend that every mother needs a Blowout Blocker, so they can say goodbye to dirty onesies!”

– Wonder Lake, Illinois

“I’ve tried every brand of disposable diapers and although some are better than others I constantly experienced explosive blowouts up my sons back. My laundry pile was full by the end of the day. After testing the blowout blocker I no longer experience those awful unexpected moments. I would highly recommend to any parent to purchase a few of these essential diapering tools.”

– Canada

“The Blowout Blocker appeared to be very comfortable, was easy to wash, and saved many of my daughter’s outfits. It especially gave me peace of mind while she was wearing her hand-knit Baptism gown. I’ve already bought a second one!”

– Canada

“Save your baby’s clothes! Block the blowouts!”

– Canada

“(The Blowout Blocker is) perfect for those long road trips! You won’t have to worry about bringing multiple outfits or baby sitting in a soiled car seat.”

– Canada

“The world is full of natural disasters so why not avoid the ones you can in life, especially those made by your baby…make your life easier and avoid “mother nature’s baby mudslides” use Blowout Blockers! You’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!”

– Canada

“The Blowout Blocker is an outfit saver and will be my go-to baby shower gift from now on!”

– Canada

“(The Blowout Blocker is) an absolute necessity for any breast feeding baby!”

– Canada



“The 2 pictures on the left are before we discovered Melzy baby. My son was not able to go without a onesie on cause he would tear open his stoma and we’d see blood. ( a hole where his bladder was raised to directly drain out of) To top that off, as you can see just a diaper doesn’t cut it when you pee from your belly cause the picture where he’s wet in the front happens about 5 times a day after sometimes 15 min. In a fresh diaper. Then you see him in his soaker stopper and we have been dry all day! He woke up from his nap dry. We went shopping all day and didn’t need to bring extra clothes! It’s been making a hard situation for us so much better!” See pictures HERE.

– Danielle

“This one item is what finally got my son to sleep through the night. He kept waking up because his diapers leaked no matter what nighttime diaper or booster pad we tried. This finally stopped the leakage and allowed him (and us!) to sleep through the night. I would like to see it offered in more than one size, or a complete wrap around. My son spends part of the night sleeping on his stomach and part of the night on his side. On the nights when he’s on his side most the time he does get occasional leakage on his side above the narrowest part of the waist band. Usually it’s a small enough leak that it does not wake him up though. I also find the velcro tab that is supposed to secure the belt to the front of the diaper to be useless, but it stays in place well without it.”


“The Soaker Stopper did work to prevent my daughters’ diaper from leaking at night. Her pj’s were dry and the (Soaker Stopper) absorbed all (the leaks). My daughter also felt comfortable wearing it and it did not seem to bother her. It was easy to put on and take off. I think this is a great product to use because you do not have to wash pj’s, undershirt, and sheets. I would recommend it because it does work. I just think that you should have at least 3 on hand so you have others when the dirty ones are in the wash. The Soaker Stopper also washes well. It contained the leak without any problems. My daughter was dry!”

– Canada

I love these! My son wears one every night. He sleeps a loooong time. Over 12 hours and they really really help. We used to add poise pads (around his waist just like the Soaker Stopper) to his overnight diaper every night. They only worked some of the time and it was expensive. Once I tried these, he rarely leaks! Awesome! The only problem now is he’s 3 and starting to outgrow them. Bigger sizes would be awesome!


The Soaker Stoppers has been a blessing although we use for a entirely different purpose. We stumbled across the Soaker Stopper with the intentions of looking for a product to cover and absorb my daughters G-tube button she has had since six months of age. Her G-tube site has leaked form time of placement and with her being disabled and constantly at it, it has helped cover and keep dry. Because of the Soaker Stopper I go through less laundry, it absorbs wonderfully and most of all has made my daughter more comfortable. I recommend for the intention for which they were made or for the intentions we use them for. Very pleased.


My son was born with Chronic Kidney Disease and has had a number of procedures to save the kidney that partially works. One of them, included a procedure called a Ureterostomy. His ureter is pulled to the surface of his skin and drains out of a small opening on his side. I came across the Soaker Stopper while doing a search for different products that would help with his situation online. I had a unique situation because they have not had to design a band for babies that have a stoma on the side of their waist. I was very excited and very happy with the results. I was given the option of sending the product back as many times as I needed to get it just right for my son. Great service!! I was very pleased with the (Soaker Stopper). We were having issues with leakage, but since he has been using the (Soaker Stopper) we have not had a single leak! It secures his diaper and the pad that covers the stoma perfectly in place. He is very comfortable wearing it, and it does not seem to affect his movements. I wish I could get this out to other parents in the same situation. I have not come across a single company designs products even close to helping with my son’s special needs. There are very few options available for babies in this situation. Melzy Baby Custom Orders have been very good with returning my emails and answering questions. I am very pleased with the company and would highly recommend them.


We recently tried the double layer Soaker Stopper! We love it! Our son is a very heavy wetter and we tried EVERYTHING at night with no avail! A friend of mine told me about this product and it has freed me from having to strip and wash his sheets EVERYDAY! If you have a heavy wetter consider using one of these! Amazing! Thank you! I’m also ecstatic that it is made in the USA! Super fast shipping and very friendly customer service!!! We are going to be repeat customers for sure!